MobileMe: Walt was right…

Being a Mac guy at home, I decided to try out Apple’s new MobileMe during their extended trial period. I had heard from lots of support blogs, and even from Walt Mossberg’s column that MobileMe was just too shaky to be reliable. Well, I tried it anyway. And, Walt was right.

In the two days of testing I did using an XP connecting to the Apple “cloud”, I lost contacts, calendar events, and my patience. The last straw was, I lost all my contacts except three; myself and one other that was a duplicate! 😦

Then this morning I noticed this article (“last modified 8/18/08): ” MobileMe: Syncing with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange” which says:

MobileMe syncing allows you to sync your contacts and calendars with Outlook, unless Outlook is connected to an Exchange server. In this situation, syncing your Outlook data with MobileMe is not supported.

Oh. Now, I’m thinking, wasn’t MobileMe supposed to be for RoadWarriors, as Apple’s attempt to do Push Email to take on RIMs Blackberrys? And aren’t most of those folks using Exchange? So, then who is MobileMe for?

MobileMe Test Album
MobileMe Test Album

Yes, it seems that MobileMe has shifted to being a replacement from the .mac services for people who don’t have an “Enterprise” that uses Exchange… Disappointing…

On the plus side, it does make pretty photo albums. 😉

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