Editing photos is a Picnik!

As more people take digital photos, they realize that the size of the image is often too large to send by email.   Plus they may want to crop or edit those images before sharing with others.   For Windows users, a simple and free solution is Picasa by Google.  It works really well, allowing you to resize, do basic editing, and email or upload images for sharing.  And while iPhoto is also great for categorizing photos, along with basic editing, it means you have to learn a completely different system on Mac platforms.

That’s where www.Picnik.com comes in very handy.  Being an online resource that allows you to upload, edit, resize, and then save those perfect images back to your computer, means that anywhere you might be — so long as you have an Internet connection — you can tweak those photos.   That means if your images are too large to email and you don’t want to set up a drop.io type account or use Flickr or MobileMe to share them with friends, you could just RESIZE them online with Picnik to email them with others.

If you visit www.Picnik.com you’ll see that you can do a lot of editing with images right over the Internet. Just click their “Get Started Now” button to start editing your images. It will ask you to create a FREE account, which is a good idea, but, if you just want to edit the images without an account, scroll down a little bit on that “Sign In” page to see “Or Try It Out” to bypass registration.

From there, just upload the image you want to work with. Once uploaded, Picnik gives you lots of options — editing, resizing, even adding fancy filters and affects on the image — all for free.

So, if you’re in a hurry and can’t find a good photo editor on the computer you are using, visit www.Picnik.com.

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