Need to do some training? Try Fireshot and Jing!

Sample Fireshot Screenshot

I often have to do web training for the over 50 admins that edit content on our organization’s large CMS (Content Management System) website. I also am on their alumni networking committee to help build interaction with past participants and members, and one of the ways is through training.

While documents are a great training resource, adding some screenshots of what steps to do on the website makes those guides so much easier to follow. And having browser screenshots that you can EDIT easily, adding in comments and arrows/pointers, means that you can really tell a complete story with each image. Here’s a free “add-on” for Firefox that I recommend: Fireshot.

First, you have to have Firefox browser. If you don’t have it, go right now, download and install it. It’s a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED browser to use, for many reasons including security, flexibility, and following web standards. Once you have Firefox, head over here: Mozilla Add-on’s free Fireshot. You should see a button to “Add to Firefox” and that’s how you install it.

Once installed you can restart Firefox to find a new “S” button on the main titlebar of Firefox. A dropdown arrow next to it gives you lots of options. Here’s a demo of what it can do. Now, easy-to-follow browser screenshots can be yours!

And if that’s not enough, hold on to your instructor’s cap, because, maybe screenshots aren’t enough. Maybe you would like to have VIDEO, showing an actual step-by-step demo of what to do. That’s where Jing comes in. This free program allows you to record 5 minutes of video of your desktop. (Here’s a demo of the features.) You set up how much of the screen you want to show. Then, get a microphone and record your voice as you do your demo on your Windows/Mac computer. And, once you’re done, you can either save it (to mail to co-workers), or upload to a free site to share with a wider group of people.

So now you have multiple ways to help your users or clients get the most out of their training!

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