Podcamp Hawaii: Opening day

Podcamp Registration
Podcamp Registration

Today was the opening day for the two-day Podcamp Hawaii.   It was a lot of great information, great variety of sessions, and plenty of wonderful people.   Here’s just a few of my notes from the day:

Opening blessings by Haunani and ‘Illima Kauka.  Followed by two lovely hula songs, danced by Kanoe Miller, and performed by The Casey Olson Trio.

Podcamp Blessing
Podcamp Blessing

Chris Heuer (www.chrisheuer.com) – Social media principles: tip — Be human, be personal.  Check out:  Filtrbox.com

Rob Farrow – Managing Online Identity: tip — chi.mp

Kristie Wells –Building Your Community: tip — socialmediaclub.org

Podcamp swag
Podcamp swag

Rob Halper – Johnson and Johnson health channel on YouTube: “equity marketing, not a hard ROI”

Dave Erdman – Podcasting Hawaii to Japan: tip — use lots of different media (YouTube, Podcasts, and “theme” web sites) to help Search Engine ranking

Overall, very interesting! I can’t make tomorrow’s session, even though there are some really good ones, including: Matt Mullenweg and Neil Abercrombie.  Try to make it if you can: PodcampHawaii.

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