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If you’ve read the paper recently you know that Hawaiian Telcom is facing bankruptcy. What exactly might happen if the company were to shut down is not a pleasant thought:

Speaking at a hearing before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Lloyd King yesterday, PUC Chairman Carlito Caliboso said much of the state’s banking transactions, access to the Internet, alarm services and wireless communications would be affected, if not halted, if Hawaiian Telcom were allowed to be shut down. [Honolulu Advertiser]

However, the stability of service does leave customers to wonder what WILL happen. Our family has a landline still, but have been debating about just killing it off (as so many others have), and just use our cells. One of the reasons we haven’t is our need to occasionally fax.

Yes, fax. That antiquated technology still used by so many businesses. In fact, in Japan, it’s very common to use still. I still get requests from clients that would like a faxed copy of an invoice. So, how to fax without using a landline and modem…?

There are some options that I’ve been looking into that are FREE and not completely horrendous. (Of course, for a monthly fee, there are many other options, however, when you fax only once a month *maybe* it doesn’t make sense to be tied to a monthly contract.) Here’s what I’ve found:

Sending fax: — free. Print to PDF (use the free plugin to Firefox: PDF Download), then upload it to Faxzero. They will fax it to the number you choose in about 30 minutes. Drawback: coverletter has advertisement on it. (Pay $2/fax to have the ad removed.)

Receiving fax: — free. People can fax you documents into your drop for free. Drawback: in order to get to the right drop, they have to use a special coverletter and fax to a long-distance phone number. (Learn more: and Lifehacker.). A fax you receive will show up in your drop about 30 minutes for viewing online or downloading.

Since I typically just send faxes to others, I’m not so concerned about the limitations of, but it does provide an option. And since so many others have given up their landline, I’m curious if some of you have found a great FREE fax solution

One thought on “Free fax options

  1. Thanks for providing a FREE fax solution to send fax messages online, but there are so many other sites providing these free fax services which will really help to send fax messages through online.

    Check out the free fax service from 800PBX to send a fax for free via internet up to 4 pages per day.

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