Star Trek’s Enterprise: In Your Hands

In support of the new Star Trek movie that is coming out, a very cool site is online that allows you to hold the Enterprise in your hands: You visit the site, install an Active-X browser plugin, print out an image (that’s used to control the movements), and get your webcam fired up. (Yes, you need a webcam.)
Here’s a video of what happens:

I tested it myself with a black/white printout, OLD webcam, and not so fast computer. Worked really well. However, controlling it is like trying to cut your hair in the mirror, awkward. (Practice a bit before showing others.)

Some real Trek-fans told me there were errors in the narration that goes with it: “Lieutenant Sulu” instead of “Ensign Sulu”, etc., etc. I don’t know. Just know it was FUN! Check it out:

(Or, just kick back and let Shatner pick the videos:

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