Syncplicity: backup and syncing with 3GB FREE

SyncplicityOne of the requests I hear from people is they want to backup up their files (MP3’s, videos, photos, and documents) but be able to also view them on different computers, wherever they might be: across town or across the world.
Are you looking for a way to backup and sync files between Windows computers?   Looking to have a safe way to view those files remotely, from anywhere?  Want to share those files with others?  Syncplicity is set up to do that, with a lot of extras!

Take a look at how easy and versatile Syncplicity is:

  • 3GB cloud-based web space
  • Windows XP or Vista
  • View files online  (download from anywhere)
  • Edit your files to Google Docs, Picnik, or Scribd (no need to have those installed on the computer you are using, great for on-the-road use)
  • Sync between computers
  • Auto-backups
  • Share files and folders with others

The cost for all those features? FREE! Need more space? Get 50GB of space, more than enough for most people’s collections for just $10 month!

So, check out Syncplicity and see how easy it is to backup and sync your computers!

Looking for FREE set-it-forget-it backups; check out our article on Mozy.

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