Try Dropbox to share your files with ease

I’m someone who works in both the PC and Mac worlds. My home machine is a Mac. But at work I use the Windows machine. There are plenty of times when I need to share files easily between machines.  I can email them to myself to get on the other machine, or, I can use a “dropbox” solution — drop files in and get them later.

Dropbox allows you to easily set up a “cloud” storage space that you can see on ANY computer, anywhere in the world. That’s 2GB of FREE storage that you can share, backup, or even sync files.

I’ve tried many solutions and found that Dropbox is one of the easiest. Dropbox is similar to Syncplicity and Humyo but for me, Dropbox was easier to set up and use.

Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you download the install and run it on your home machine that you want to sync up. It installs on PC, Mac, and Linux with a mobile version, including a iPhone app.  And you can visit their website to upload/download your files.

You can set up “hidden” (only for you), or “public” folders — public if you want the world to see files without logging in.   You can also set up “shared” folders that allow several people you designate to collaborate on a set of files.

If you are looking for a fast, easy, CROSS-PLATFORM and FREE solution to file storage and syncing, check out Dropbox.

Right now Dropbox is offering an extra free 250Mb to their free 2GBs of storage!

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