Drupal 8 released – D6 support ending February 2016.

Content Management System (CMS) Drupal 8 was released today.   Several nice changes, like “Views” is now part of core. Learn what some some of those changes mean here: “What’s the (real) big deal about Drupal 8?” And, here are some tips on migrating from 7 to 8: “Simple Drupal 7 to 8 migration


I haven’t had the chance to test D8 migration with any sites yet.  Let me know in the comments what you thought.

Sites still on Drupal 6 core will get security updates until 3 months after today’s release.  The announcement explaining that decision can be found here.

Source: Drupal 8 is here. Build something amazing, for anyone. | Drupal.org

“How Has WordPress Changed Your Life”…

During the opening event of Mactoberfest for Hawaii’s Geek Week, Lorelle VanFossen asked the audience, “How has WordPress changed your life?”   She showed some great videos of how lives have been changed by using WordPress as a blogging software application for helping people express their lives.  For me, WordPress has changed my life in two main ways, though not really because of blogging.

1) As a web developer looking to help clients solve their online needs, I’ve found one of the biggest requests I hear is, “How can I get a great looking website THAT’S EASY TO UPDATE for someone with no HTML skills.”   I’ve tried finding the perfect CMS solution for those kind of requests, but keep coming back to WordPress.

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Hello world!

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Time for a refresh! Hawaii local energy healer, Henri Rand Furgiuele, wanted to have her website: www.healing-in-hawaii.com updated with some new content and options. We were able to build out her site further and help with moving her to a Content Management System (still being developed).

Congratulations to Nohea Gallery on their new website:
www.Noheagallery.com. They wanted us to build them an easy-to-manage, affordable, e-commerce website to show off their beautiful Hawaiian fine arts and crafts. Check out their new site: www.noheagallery.com and buy something today!