Try Dropbox to share your files with ease

I’m someone who works in both the PC and Mac worlds. My home machine is a Mac. But at work I use the Windows machine. There are plenty of times when I need to share files easily between machines.  I can email them to myself to get on the other machine, or, I can use a “dropbox” solution — drop files in and get them later.

Dropbox allows you to easily set up a “cloud” storage space that you can see on ANY computer, anywhere in the world. That’s 2GB of FREE storage that you can share, backup, or even sync files.

I’ve tried many solutions and found that Dropbox is one of the easiest. Dropbox is similar to Syncplicity and Humyo but for me, Dropbox was easier to set up and use.

Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you download the install and run it on your home machine that you want to sync up. It installs on PC, Mac, and Linux with a mobile version, including a iPhone app.  And you can visit their website to upload/download your files.

You can set up “hidden” (only for you), or “public” folders — public if you want the world to see files without logging in.   You can also set up “shared” folders that allow several people you designate to collaborate on a set of files.

If you are looking for a fast, easy, CROSS-PLATFORM and FREE solution to file storage and syncing, check out Dropbox.

Right now Dropbox is offering an extra free 250Mb to their free 2GBs of storage!

Microsoft Security Essentials — free anti-virus for Windows computers

Looking for an anti-virus software for your home PC? Want a great application for FREE? Try out Microsoft’s Security Essentials. This program will run in the background protecting your computer from all the nasties out there that might come your way on the Internet.
After suffering from years of bad publicity about how susceptible Windows computers are to viruses, Microsoft came out with this free software for users. And, it works really well.
So, goodbye to the those other free anti-virus programs like AVG Free and hello MSE.

Two Great Web Apps Together: LastPass Acquired Xmarks

xmarks and lastpassIf you are looking for two really great ways to stay synced across multiple computers and platforms, Lastpass and Xmarks are at the top. So, I was very happy to hear that LastPass was the company who acquired Xmarks.
As a web developer, I found LastPass (reviewed here) amazing for keeping all my passwords synced across all the various computers I use. I can’t tell you how many “test” sites I build, review, checkout — sometimes I go back, sometimes I don’t. Either way, LastPass keeps those records safe and sound.
And Xmarks works just as well for bookmarks — keeping your “cool sites” ready at hand, on Mac, PC, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers, plus a mobile version for iPhone.
There are premium editions of both that offer greater mobility and features with a lost cost for both, making the two a terrific deal for people on the go.

MacHeist: new “loot” for those that can solve puzzles

If you own a Mac and love solving puzzles, then you should check out MacHeist. Through solving a series of intricately designed puzzles, riddles, visual clues, and cryptograms, you can get several free programs, including Process. Sign up for an account, and off you go solving clues found in the Briefings.

I tried my first one this week, after learning about MacHeist from their holiday giveaway called, Mac Giving Tree. Reading the briefings, following some of the hints others had left in the forums, visiting the various web sites they had set up, and checking my “Loot” area, I found I had solved one puzzle to get Process.

Be forewarned that if you aren’t familiar with these kinds of puzzles, it will be confusing to begin with. Hang with it, get help from others, and have some fun! Learn more at: MacHeist [This is a great idea for building a community, generating lots of “buzz” (including tons of tweets), and keeping membership high.]