Syncplicity: backup and syncing with 3GB FREE

SyncplicityOne of the requests I hear from people is they want to backup up their files (MP3’s, videos, photos, and documents) but be able to also view them on different computers, wherever they might be: across town or across the world.
Are you looking for a way to backup and sync files between Windows computers?   Looking to have a safe way to view those files remotely, from anywhere?  Want to share those files with others?  Syncplicity is set up to do that, with a lot of extras!

Take a look at how easy and versatile Syncplicity is:

  • 3GB cloud-based web space
  • Windows XP or Vista
  • View files online  (download from anywhere)
  • Edit your files to Google Docs, Picnik, or Scribd (no need to have those installed on the computer you are using, great for on-the-road use)
  • Sync between computers
  • Auto-backups
  • Share files and folders with others

The cost for all those features? FREE! Need more space? Get 50GB of space, more than enough for most people’s collections for just $10 month!

So, check out Syncplicity and see how easy it is to backup and sync your computers!

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Sync Files Between Computers, Even PC/Mac: Dropbox

DropboxIf you are like most people, you have a work and home computer. They may even be on different platforms — like a Mac at home and PC at work. There are several solutions out there, but the one I want to discuss is Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to easily set up a “cloud” storage space that can sync between your computers. That’s 2GB of FREE storage that you can share, backup, or sync files with.

You can set up hidden or public folders, even share your photos with others through Dropbox. And, best, it just seems to work. I’ve used it since it was beta, and I’ve only had 1 problem with it. And that just was because I was running an older version on one of my computers. Upgraded and all worked fine again!

How does it compare to some other solutions? It’s similar to both Syncplicity and Microsoft’s livemesh, though for me, both of those solutions were more difficult to get set up (and for livemesh, a pain on updates).

If you are looking for a fast, free solution to file storage and syncing, check out Dropbox.

Password Keepers

As someone who builds sites for a living and tests out new online applications all the time, I find that I have hundreds of passwords. Some are very valuable and some are annoyances (why did I have to create a login to get a software update from APS?!), and most are somewhere in between. Being familiar with security on websites, my logins are aways different and difficult to remember. After a while you quickly learn that postit-notes don’t cut it for keeping track of your online life.

I tried and purchased Roboform for my PC. VERY HAPPY with that. It stores hundreds and autofills logins for you. So you just remember the MASTER PASSWORD and it does all the rest!

Now that I’m using my Mac all the time, I missed Roboform and tried and purchased 1Password. VERY HAPPY with that. It’s the Roboform for Macs. [ad]

However, with two separate programs on two different platforms I’m always trying to sync passwords between my computers. Sure I can import and export between them, but that sucks; it leaves unencrypted files around as I pass them between machines, and it’s just plain time consuming.

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