BlueHost running special: $3.95/month hosting

bluehost_logoI’ve used BlueHost for several sites and client sites. They are a reliable, quality hosting company. Features include CPanel (for easy graphical access to your site), unlimited domain hosting, free domain, PHP/MySQL, easy site-script installation (used to be Fantastico), and many others. For $3.95/month it’s a great deal going on now, especially if you might be running a WordPress, Mambo, Joomla, or even ZenCart e-commerce site. Check out today for the deal!

Podcamp Hawaii: Opening day

Podcamp Registration
Podcamp Registration

Today was the opening day for the two-day Podcamp Hawaii.   It was a lot of great information, great variety of sessions, and plenty of wonderful people.   Here’s just a few of my notes from the day:

Opening blessings by Haunani and ‘Illima Kauka.  Followed by two lovely hula songs, danced by Kanoe Miller, and performed by The Casey Olson Trio.

Podcamp Blessing
Podcamp Blessing

Chris Heuer ( – Social media principles: tip — Be human, be personal.  Check out:

Rob Farrow – Managing Online Identity: tip —

Kristie Wells –Building Your Community: tip —

Podcamp swag
Podcamp swag

Rob Halper – Johnson and Johnson health channel on YouTube: “equity marketing, not a hard ROI”

Dave Erdman – Podcasting Hawaii to Japan: tip — use lots of different media (YouTube, Podcasts, and “theme” web sites) to help Search Engine ranking

Overall, very interesting! I can’t make tomorrow’s session, even though there are some really good ones, including: Matt Mullenweg and Neil Abercrombie.  Try to make it if you can: PodcampHawaii.

Web Weavers Workshop with Lorelle VanFossen

Today was Web Weavers Workshop with Lorelle VanFossen, part of Hawaii’s Geek Week.   Lorelle had a ton of great tips to go along with the basics of setting up a successful WordPress blog site.   A large part of the information is in Lorelle’s book, but it was her discussions to student questions that often proved most helpful.  Some sample tips:

  • watch using pronouns in blog articles. Readers might be confused on what “it” is, along with the SEO problem related to keywords.
  • do “brain dumps” and THEN edit.   Unload your ideas completely and then go back and edit.   And edit, and edit, and edit some more. 😉
  • and if you are using more than 400 words from someone else’s web site, be prepared to hear copyright problems.   In other words, keep your quoting of someone else’s material under 200 words or ask that writer for permission to use more.

Being a power-blogger, Lorelle had several shortcuts using Firefox, GreaseMonkey, and Google Reader, she even had tips on a great mouse that will power through web site scrolling.

It was a good class for anyone interested in learning about blogging, from beginners to those already blogging! Check out Lorelle’s web site for lots more information also!

“How Has WordPress Changed Your Life”…

During the opening event of Mactoberfest for Hawaii’s Geek Week, Lorelle VanFossen asked the audience, “How has WordPress changed your life?”   She showed some great videos of how lives have been changed by using WordPress as a blogging software application for helping people express their lives.  For me, WordPress has changed my life in two main ways, though not really because of blogging.

1) As a web developer looking to help clients solve their online needs, I’ve found one of the biggest requests I hear is, “How can I get a great looking website THAT’S EASY TO UPDATE for someone with no HTML skills.”   I’ve tried finding the perfect CMS solution for those kind of requests, but keep coming back to WordPress.

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Get Ready For Hawaii Geek Week: Mactoberfest and more!

Love technology?  Thinking about starting your own blog site?   Curious about Macs?   Check out the Mactoberfest coming up on October 19th.  It’s part of “Hawaii Geek Week“.   Mactoberfest events include: Keynote speaker will be Lorelle VanFossen a WordPress blogger, swap meet, door prizes, and more! Free, on the University of Hawaii, Manoa campus.

And, that week there will be other events including:

See you there!